12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer Starts Today!

12 Weeks to Change Your Life through Prayer StartsWhile today is the first official day 12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer starts, the real meat of the ecourse begins next week. You still have time to purchase the book, Pray Specifically Journal, and print out the necessary papers!

The 12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer ecourse includes a Facebook group to share prayer requests, get encouragement, and forge relationships. I’ll be adding live videos to the Facebook group every week as well as monitoring the posts and comments. Come join us!

If you purchase the Pray Specifically Journal by Valentine’s Day, you can still get a reduced price on the ecourse as well as the other featured items in the bonus package. (Hint: it’s still free!)

What is in the 12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer ecourse?

Opens February 1, 2018. Join our first class and receive the Prayer Strategy Sheet, access to the special Pray Specifically Journal ECourse Facebook Group, and emails that coordinate with the Facebook group videos. Become a Prayer Warrior in 2018!

12 Weeks to Change Your Life Starts Today!

In just 12 weeks, you can change your life through prayer. Learn to pray specifically and scripturally for yourself, your family and friends, and intercede for the world around you. You can make a difference!

Each week, receive an email:

  • Talking about a new section of the Pray Specifically Journal. These scriptures were chosen to spur you into action and are promises of God you can believe in.
  • As you go through the theme of each section, you use the Prayer Strategy Sheet to fill in your most important prayer requests for this week! See the examples I used to fill out the sheet for my week!
  • Use the protection prayer from either the Bible Prayer Guide 101 or 201 to begin your prayer time. Choose from the day of the week in either Bible Prayer Guide and pray this short scripturally based prayer.
  • Pray through your Prayer Strategy Sheet with your specific requests.
  • Fill in the pages of your Pray Specifically Journal with:

– the things you are grateful for,
– requests for others, near and far,
– requests for yourself, your work, finances, and health
– journal the things you hear God say to you.

  • Date your requests, thankfulness, and journaling and also date when you have answered prayer!

Join the Facebook group for the 12 Weeks to Change Your Life Through Prayer and watch the video explaining this week’s topic and challenges. Comment on the videos, ask for prayer and meet your support network in the private Facebook group.

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