5 New Christian Memes to Post

Heaven is better - Jesus is thereAround my house we talk about heaven easily. We know we will see each other later, so it isn’t a sad topic. I even created a t-shirt for my son-in-law when his grandpa died. (My Grandpa went to heaven and all I got was this shirt!) He loves it! Why are we cheery about it? Because this life is filled with temptations, pain, and sorrow. And heaven is better. There are no more tears. We can praise God all day long without getting tired. It’s beautiful and best of all, Jesus is there. Post the Christian memes by clicking below!

Heaven is Better!

Make a place in your heart for God's messageMake a place in your heart for God’s message. Remember to find time for your devotionals. Talk with God, praise Him, and list the ways you are thankful. Study your Bible, read it and meditate on it. Fill your mind with thoughts of God. And spend time with other Christians in fellowship.  These are the things which help make a place in your heart for God’s message. Post the Christian memes by clicking below!

Make a Place in Your Heart

Inspire Hope in othersInspire hope in yourself and in others. Take the time to make someone’s life a little bit better everyday. Pray for them, smile, or send a note. Encourage others with your words but also your actions. Show them you are listening to them and paying attention to their needs. Love someone richly and deeply. Go beyond words and your own fulfillment. Compromise on what you want to do and follow God’s leading. Listen well to others and show them you care. Do all of this through the strength of Christ Jesus. Post the Christian memes by clicking below!

Inspire Hope

Love the Lord Your GodLove God today. We need to love Him as our Lord and God. Love Him with our whole heart. We love Him with our whole mind and soul.

How do we love Him? We fill our whole lives with His word. Praising God becomes second nature. We follow His leading in how we take care of our bodies so we have the strength to do His will.

Our emotions and thoughts can be brought under the control of the Lord Jesus through the power of the cross. Thank you Jesus for loving us! Post the Christian memes by clicking below!

Love the Lord Your God

Rely on God's wisdomDon’t depend on your own wisdom or understanding to plan your days, escape your trials, or love others. God’s wisdom and knowledge provide us with the right way.

His plans become our plans. God’s love fills us and pours out of us to those around us.

His protection and thoughts help us avoid temptation. We run away from sin and possible consequences.

We can live our lives with wisdom. Listening to God, reading His word, gives us that wisdom.

Post the Christian memes by clicking below!

Rely on God’s Wisdom

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