5 P’s to Pray Like Daniel

5 P’s to Pray Like DanielIn chapter 9 of Daniel, we find him reading the writings of Jeremiah, the prophet. He sees a promise of God for his nation and feels compelled to intercede for his people. Daniel knows they are suffering but still turning away from God. He sees their pain, and he sees the promise of God. Let me show you the 5 P’s to pray like Daniel.

However, he does not pray only for them. He also prays for himself using the pronouns we and us. In his humble way, he does not see himself as better than others. He seeks only to restore his nation to favor with God. He wants to take away their pain.

When you pray for your fellow Christians, for our leaders, and the world, do you pray with humility or arrogance? Pray as Daniel did, using we and us pronouns, asking God to heal our land.

Use the 5 P’s to Pray like Daniel

  1. Promise: God’s promises provide restoration and rebuilding our lives, our finances, our mental or emotional state, and our lands.
  2. Praise: As we praise God for His compassion and mercy, we change our mindsets to listen to Him. And we give God the glory that is His and His alone.
  3. Petition: We bring our requests to God for the forgiveness of sin. We turn back to Him and His word. We tell Him what we need and ask Him to heal our land.
  4. Position: By turning from our sins, we place ourselves in favor of God. We pursue insight into God’s truth, not what we think is our reality. We abandon the world’s divisive ways of “us against them” for God’s way of mercy and grace.
  5. Purpose: God answers our prayers with insight and understanding of our times. He offers it, and we must accept it. As we let God’s love and grace fill us, we find joy and peace instead of fear and anxiety.

My prayer like Daniel

Lord, teach us to pray and fill us with your compassion. Show us how to restore and rebuild our lives. Help us to move further by restoring our cities, regions, and nations. We praise You for your compassion and mercy. We praise You for your grace in forgiving our sins. Lord, forgive us for listening to others more than we hear You. Help us to fill our days with Your words and promises. Heal our hearts and minds. Then heal our neighbors.

Teach us to see those who are different from us as Your creation. Share Your mercy and grace within us and allow us to let it flow to those around us. Show us when we say anything divisive – prick our hearts. We don’t want to be “us against them” anymore. We want to be for all Your creation. Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers and giving us insight and understanding. Help us to let Your love and grace fill us so we can find joy and peace. Let us leave fear and anxiety behind us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Daniel 9:22 Daniel, I have come for one purpose: to offer you insight and understanding into these matters.

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