A Modern Psalm

A Modern PsalmHey, God. How are you today? I’m not doing too well. I’m feeling a bit cut-off from you. Let me hear from you today. (A Modern Psalm)

Things have been busy lately, and I just don’t seem to feel your presence anymore except at church. Why is that? What is it that I am missing or not doing that is causing there to be this rift between us?

I’ve been reading my bible every day. It used to speak to me more than it does right now. Why don’t I hear you talking to me from your word? Why is there this gap in my heart? Where are you, God, when I’m working or when I’m driving?

My prayer as a modern psalm

I’ve seen your work in my life before. Your miracles I have seen. I’ve seen things that just aren’t coincidences. They were your well thought out plans to bring me closer to you. I’ve seen your creation and the thought you put into creating a tiny flower. I’m fascinated by how many colors you can paint a sky when the sun is setting. The beauty of the mountains fills my heart with joy. I see your peace in the constant rhythm of the ocean waves. You are here all around me.

Why can I see the pain of the people around me? Why do I feel it so much? Where can I go to escape their needs? Why are things changing?

When I feel the pain of their suffering, I cry out to you, Lord. How can I help? I turn you to and fall to my knees. You are the creator and my refuge. I run to you with my feelings, with my pain, with my longings. You are my hiding place. I run to you with my desires and my dreams. You listen to my questions.

Lord, where are You today?

You answer me. When You find me, You pick me up in your arms and hold me tight. You will never let me go. Never will You walk away from me. You hold my hand and lift me up over obstacles in my way. Your Spirit is my guide on this journey called life. You point out the joys and beauty. Please, point out someone I can help. You bring people to help me.

Let us all walk together and praise the mighty God. He is large and magnificent. The Mighty God is all powerful. And he is full of love. He is kind and gentle with me. Lord, You hold out Your hand out to us. Help us reach out to You. Hold us tight and help us to hold on to You. You are “where safe is.”

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