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A prayer guide for these troubled times

Daily Prayer Guide for 2020

My heart hurts most days from the sorrow and pain, the fear and anxiety, of our world. So much is wrong and not right. But with God, all things are possible. We can overcome the evil in this world. And that’s why I create the Daily Prayer Guide for 2020.

I recently released a new course, “90 Day Mission Planner,” which is built to help you find your mission for the next 90 days centered on who God is, who you are in Christ Jesus, the season of your life, and how God is leading you right now.

Restorer of Streets Community” is a place of safety for hurting Christian women. Men are welcome. NonChristians are welcome, too but know. We are a praying-cyber-hugging group.

Our topics range from prayer, devotions, Christian suspense, work-at-home opportunities, and life issues that include dementia.

Check out the community. It is free.

We create our own prayer guide during lesson 3 of “90 Day Mission Planner” we create our own prayer guide. I just finished lesson 3 (yes, I’m taking my own course!), and I wrote this prayer guide.

If you would like to create your own Daily Prayer Guide, join the community and the course to learn how.

Why are there two different websites for the community and the courses? This was the best way to reduce my monthly costs. I’m using one website to host my paid and free courses and a different website to host the community. You can join both for no cost. Use what you want and ignore the rest.

My Daily Prayer Guide for 2020

Daily Prayer Guide for 2020

My Daily Prayer – what you will pray every day of the week.

Lord, I pray for protection for my family and me as we seek to draw closer to You. Please give us the strength to step out into the paths. You have for us. Provide for our strength, health, peace, and joy as we move through these perilous times. Bring us closer to You and breathe Your Spirit into our souls. Forgive us of our sins and help us truly repent and change our ways. You are the Glory of the World, our Savior, and Refuge.

Sunday – what you specifically pray on Sunday. (Church staff, volunteers, members, service)

Lord, protect the church leaders, staff, and volunteers as they seek to learn new ways to worship collectively during this time of social distancing. Guard their hearts and minds as they seek to do Your will through the troubled times. Keep them well and safe as you prompt them to break distance in extreme cases. Be with the many members and services who feel stranded and alone. Show us You are here for us.

Monday – what you specifically pray on Monday. (Family, loved ones near and far)

Place your hand on my family today, Lord. Protect them from harm, keep them well, and provide financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Keep us close to Your heart, Lord, and to each other too. If You call any of us home, I pray You will hold us in Your hands and guide us quickly to Your side. And provide peace, strength, and joy for those left behind. We are ready to meet You, Lord. Keep us close. Help us to hear Your voice.

Tuesday – what you specifically pray on Tuesday. (Health, weight, exercise, diet)

Lord, forgive me for my sins. Help me eat the things that are good for me and exercise every day. Boost my spirits and self-control to do all the little things I need to do for myself. Help me to brush my teeth regularly, bathe regularly, pray regularly. Turn my heart away from foods that hurt me and help me lose weight, lower my blood sugar, and keep my blood pressure regulated. Inspire me to live, not just survive.

Wednesday – what you specifically pray on Wednesday. (employment, education, finances)

How I love You, Lord. You provide for Your children through many means. Your ways are mysterious to us. You stretch out our budgets and make food go further than it should. You show us how to learn in new and different ways. And You keep us safe in Your arms. We live in safety because of Your love and grace.

Thursday – What you specifically pray on Thursday. (body of Christ, depth, and breadth of knowledge)

Lord, teach Your people of Your ways, Your love, and Your joy. Help us to seek You, and only You, daily. Teach us to walk in Your word. Build us so that we can fulfill the mission You have given us. Increase our wisdom and show us how You are working in our lives today.

Friday – What you specifically pray on Friday. (closer walk with God, mission)

Lord, help me open myself to you and lean on your strength every moment of every day. Help me encourage others in their walk with you. And help those who are hurting find Your comfort. Your grace and mercy enable me to come confidently to Your throne and plead for Your people. Show me how to continue to show Your love and compassion for Your creation.

Saturday – What you specifically pray on Saturday. (leaders, people in power)

Lord, I pray for our leaders and people in power, that all corruption will come to light, and that anyone who is not serving the people will be removed. Pray for new people to be put in power to serve the people and act righteously toward all. Give the leaders the right counselors to protect Your people the world over. And turn the hearts of our leaders toward You.

Specific prayer requests on-going you want to remember.

Lord, help me to become consistent in my life again. Help me fight against depression and choose You every day. Guard our finances and help us to be frugal and generous with others. Please help me, inspire me, and teach me to write and edit the books you have given me to write.

Anything else you think of.

I know this is ridiculous, but I want a kitten. I know I have three cats. But I would really like a kitten to enjoy in my life. And if I could make enough money through my writings and courses to “retire” from web consulting, that would be awesome.

Join us at “Restorer of Streets Community” and try us free.

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