About the Planted Flowers Series

Anna K Payne - The Writer AboutThis website is the home of Planted Flowers, a novella book series about a women’s Bible study and how it changes their lives. Anna K Payne always wanted to write a book series about a woman’s Bible study. The idea came to her while studying for a Bible study she attended for several years. The group had three women named Anna and two women named Wendy.

About the Planted Flowers series and Bible study

Very few of the women had anything in common. The ages ranged from mid-twenties to late fifties or early sixties. The careers ranged from homemaker, school teacher to project managers, secretaries, and lawyers. And yet, we became close. We listened to the struggles of our lives and we prayed for each other. There was laughter and crying and we served together.

The Planted Flowers books tell the stories of the many women I have met. They struggle. How they fail. They yearn for hope and encouragement. And they are lonely. And each one, in a small group of women, finds friends and a deeper relationship with God.

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