About AP Creations Publishing

Anna K Payne AP Creations PublishingAP Creations Publishing came into existence as Anna published her first books. Hoping to help others in her family publish, she is working hard to finish a series in 2017 to pave the way for full-time work as a writer/publisher.

AP Creations Publishing – helping family publish

Anna is excited to branch out into republishing her grandmother’s books for new generations to enjoy. Anna Daisy Siemens published poetry, scripture songs, and family history. Anna hopes to add her sermons and Bible study to the list of books.

She also hopes to help her mom publish her blogs, snippets, and junior snippets into treasures for the grandchildren. Emily Ann Combs has been publishing daily devotions for children and adults since 2015. She does these short snippets in addition to her weekly blog. Her most recent blog posts have been on hymns!

Future writers and those other family member’s works will be featured here too. Anna believes in encouraging writers of all ages to publish and share their thoughts.