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Welcome to AP Creations! This website is a place of hope and encouragement. Here we listen to anyone who feels unheard. We love with the rich, profound, far-reaching grace, mercy, joy, and love of God.

The only way we can do this is through Christ.

A center for hope, love, encouragement, and more

We care about hope, love, encouragement, listening, parenting, individuality, and God’s grace. AP Creations looks for mercy and kindness, helps women find a way to stay home but still earn money, and shows women someone willing to listen. Here you will find someone who feels your pain and understands you.

We show families how to love, listen, and respect each other. AP Creations helps new parents see their children as individuals they can know. We renew relationships between children and parents, assisting hurting families to become a haven of rest.

And we help small businesses develop websites, look good, and increase visibility.

Come in and rest

The words here provide refreshment to your soul and scriptures you can trust. You will find loving advice from a woman who’s been there and a listening ear who will not judge. Most importantly, you will find the welcoming arms of a Father God who loves you.

What do you need most today?

Anna K Payne, author of Planted Flowers and Devotionals - AP Creations

Anna started this ministry nearly twenty years ago. She spent six years as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother who needed to earn a living. Later she learned HTML and developed websites before businesses, and the world knew what a website was. Her focus moved quickly to devotionals and Christian fiction.

“Writing is what I’m made to do; it’s the way I talk to people.”