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Anna K Payne - Helping WomenHelping Women Stay Home is a website progressing from a static web page or two to a dynamic useful site. Each woman who visits adds to the unique nature of the website. This website is about helping women stay home and finding ways to earn an income.

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Helping Women Stay Home Contact AboutAbout the Web Consultant, Author, Blogger

Anna is the author of Driving with Anna devotional books, including Surviving Life and In Search of Me. In 2017, she Anna also writes copy for small businesses and blogs. She specializes in topics on Christian living and working perspectives, parenting and education.

Anna writes using experience from homeschooling her children over 6 years and volunteering in the local high school for 10 years. She volunteered with her church’s three-year-old class and high school ministry over the years.

She maintains the ten websites including AP Creations Publishing, AP Creations Devotions, and Nourish Your Heart. This website centers around her passion for helping women re-enter the workforce and create a career for which they are passionate. Other websites include Caring Industries and Templates 4 Small Biz and contain relevant how to articles.

As an experienced web developer/designer she is always searching out new ways to market websites through design, content, and social media.