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Templates 4 Small Biz originally was created to showcase original WordPress template designs. But I enjoy creating websites and writing more than coding templates. Consequently, my plans changed as I thought about templates4smallbiz.com.

Now you will find me perusing template websites and drooling over Restored316.com templates. There are many free templates and some really awesome paid templates.

About Templates4SmallBiz - Anna will replyDrooling about Templates4SmallBiz

Plugins create the same issues. There are many free templates I use and some really awesome paid plugins.

I created a resource page where I am creating a list of plugins and templates I actually use. I’ll have other pages with lists of my favorite templates and where you can find them. Along with plugins and lists of what to watch for to keep your WordPress website secure.

The Templates 4 Small Biz website will be redesigned to show off the different types of websites and how to build them. Check back often for updates or join our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

I will add new articles every other week! But stay tuned, I work with ten websites in all! And I write Christian fiction and devotionals. Check out my other websites to find where our interests collide.