AP Creations

Welcome to AP Creations, where we care about you. Send us your prayer requests, join our newsletter, download free books, both fiction and non-fiction—devotionals, family history, dementia and music, prayer, journals, and more. Read Christian suspense with romance.

Inspire Hope

Finding ways to inspire hope in God radiate from AP Creations. We offer websites, courses, books, and community for women in all seasons of life, and men, Christian or seeking, hurting, or needing fellowship.

Encouraging with Godly Love

We produce tools you can use in your daily walk with God, from prayer journals to courses to planners. We want to help you find your mission and purpose in God. And put a smile on your face.

Listening to God

When we listen to God, we can hear Him speaking to us. What is most common? God is saying – He loves us. He wants us to know we matter to Him. And He hears us when we cry.

Through Christ

We do all in the name of Jesus Christ. And who am I in Christ Jesus? I am faithful and made in the image of God. He has made me a nurturer and immovable in His word. His grace saves me, and I have hope in God. 

Learn more through books and courses

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