Back Writing Again

back writing againLife has been exciting over the last 18 months. I’ve moved out of a home, moved into an apartment, and moved my children into an apartment. My married daughter had our first grandchild. We bought a home and remodeled it, moved into the home, and had my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson move in. During that time I worked 30 to 40 hours a week, visited Pasadena and OC over and over again, and prayed I would be able to keep going. Could I ever be back writing again?

For the last 8 months, I have adjusted to life abbreviated. I have abbreviated sleep, shortened work hours, tiny writing moments, quick cleaning, and rare moments of quiet and reflection. I work in various rooms at all hours of the day or night depending on requirements. But I spend hours with my children whenever I can and try to spend some time with my husband if at all possible.

I’m back writing again!

I stay in contact by text, Facebook, and email with family near and far. And I wonder if I will be able to keep going. The theme this year is Finish! Everyday I struggle to finish something. I find too many things to start that look good and have to pull myself back to finish.

This year so far, I have published two new devotions and revised and edited my previous eight devotions. I am finishing a parenting/relationship pamphlet with a free PDF for reader participation. My first fiction piece is at the copy editor now with a goal of publishing it the end of July! I hope to have all six novellas edited and published by the end of December but I only have six months to finish!

God will move me forward and keep me going. He will guide me in my daily tasks to finish those that are important, not only the urgent.

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