Be kind and gentle

Be kind and gentle Today began fairly well, just earlier than I like. But I knew the high heat was coming and I planned accordingly. I kept the cats in the house because 109 is too high for them to be outside, even if they love it. After I did my devotions and listened to a sermon during my bath, I felt good about my progress. I decided to be kind and gentle today.

Then things fell apart. First, my husband changed his plans. He planned to go to work early and be home by noon. But he decided to stay home and mow the lawn, then go swimming. He had a leisurely breakfast and visited while he prepared it. My time started slipping away.

Be kind and gentle

I decided to make a list of things to pack for an overnight trip. Making a list helps me feel accomplished. I managed to pack nearly everything. Then my husband said the gardeners were planning to work in our yard after lunch. You might think, great! Not me.

I planned for the gardeners to come any weekend but this weekend. I didn’t ask my son-in-law to prepare the backyard. He does professional wood-working and his tools and materials are everywhere. It would take him an hour to move everything so he would know where things are. Plus it is 105 outside. This isn’t a good time for anyone to be outside.

It’s hard to be kind and gentle without God

I called the gardeners and left a voice mail, then a day later, I left a text. I hadn’t heard from them at all. So, I’m waiting until they finish lunch to find out what they will do. Because, they are not working in the yard today or this weekend.

But I would like to plan a date for them to return. And I would like to do so with kindness and gentleness. I want to bring hope and encouragement to this world. Avoiding confrontations is my style. I don’t want to be mean. But I would like them to respect me and respect my plans.

1 Peter 3:4 Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.

Lord, help me to walk in your ways and use your words today. Give me patience which seems to have fled to some far corner. You know I like to make plans. You know I don’t like to be averted from my plans. I feel pressure to perform and to move forward. But you knew this was coming and you know my heart. Speak your peace into my life now.

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