Be Strong and Courageous – coming soon

Be Strong and Courageous DevotionalsAll of the Driving with Anna devotionals have been updated and Kindle versions have been added for each book. You can now get the Kindle version for only $1.99!

I’m now editing a previous devotional entitle “Be Strong and Courageous” which I wrote in 2013. This is the devotional I wrote to prepare me for the years of changes in my life.

Updated: Published and available!

These verses helped me through three immediate family funerals, loss of jobs, income, moving, leaving a network of prayer support, dividing our household, the loss of pets, birth of a grandchild, new jobs, new directions, and a new pet. No matter what losses or challenges you are experiencing, you will find comfort in God.

Love and Respect coming soon

April is almost here and my renewed effort on the Planted Flowers series. I’m continuing on the Love and Respect exercise and book. April will be a busy month!

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