Born of God

This morning I was reminded of how much God loves me. My small group is reading “Crazy Love” ( and this week’s chapter is on “Jesus Loves Me”. While meditating on Jeremiah 1 from the book, I remembered the verse given when my son was born. John 1:13 “They did not become his children in any human way—by any human parents or human desire. They were born of God.”

This verse was to remind my husband and I that our son was not born because we had planned it or because we had desired it. This tiny baby was born with a purpose, God’s purpose.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work.” Even before I was pregnant, God had plans for my son. His plans are what shape the desires and talents of my son.

These plans God has for us are mind-boggling. He is a God who is large and far-reaching. He is a God who knows me so intimately that he knew what he wanted me to do for him before I was made. He knows me. He understands me. He believes I am capable of carrying out his plans for me. Why? Because he gives me the desire to do his will. He gives me the power to do his will. He gives me the knowledge and the wisdom I need to do his will. He gives me what talents I need to do his will. I can no longer hesitate on the sidelines with a desire to do more. He compels me by his love to move forward into his work for him.

Peterson, in his introduction to John, has this to say: “Jesus doesn’t impose salvation as a solution; he narrates salvation into being through leisurely conversation, intimate personal relationships, compassionate responses, passionate prayer, and – putting it all together – a sacrificial death.”

When I look at my children I see some of Jesus in them. I see them showing God’s love to others through leisurely conversation. I remember when my middle daughter was in high school and the many times she was emailing or talking to her friends. She would have this passion in her eyes as she spent time discussing with them how much God loved them. I see my youngest daughter spending time she might have used to rest or study for classes, but instead she spends it in long conversations with students. I see the care my son uses to choose words to express his thoughts.

I see the compassion my son will show when considering the plight of others. I see the compassion my daughters also show for others. We are the light of this world. We are how God shows his love to the people of this world. We show this love for others when we take the time for leisurely conversation. We show others God’s love when we have intimate personal relationships with God ourselves and with each other. God’s love is revealed in our compassionate responses to others, whether in helping after disasters or forgiving them their acts toward us. We show God’s love through us when we spend time in passionate prayer.

God has a plan for us. He knew us before we were even made. He gives us desires, talents, wisdom and knowledge to carry out his plan for us. Then he gives us the strength to carry out those plans. He gives us the words we need to share. And he never leaves us alone. Why?

It is because he loves us. It is because we are born of God. We are God-Begotten.

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