Callum’s Book Series

Iris Planted Flowers
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Who is Callum and why do you care? Callum is Iris’s neighbor. Iris is the second book in the Planted Flowers series. She’s pretty closed off. He’s super friendly and trying to be friends, but his dog, Brutus, receives all the attention. Callum’s book series is based on his imagined adventures of Brutus.

Callum is a professor at University of California, Irvine campus. But his primary income comes from his successful dog detective book series. Brutus is the hero of the grade school level series. He has caught many criminals red-handed and dragged them to justice!

Callem's Series

He first thought of the series when Brutus was a puppy. Callum heard him growling and dragging a toy soldier from the kitchen with a little boy chasing him. Brutus dropped the toy and placed his paw on him. Then he looked at Callum and barked.

Brutus, Dog Detective by Callum

It was as if he knew Callum would arrest the criminal! The little boy scooped up the toy soldier, but Callum set down the puppy he’d considered. He motioned to Brutus, and the puppy jumped into his arms.

Together for several years now, Callum and Brutus spend hours plotting the stories for his book series. Callum looks forward to his time with Brutus, hoping to run into Iris.

Callum’s Book Series isn’t currently available since he is a fictional character. But who knows what the future holds! Read more stories about the Planted Flowers world by becoming a free member!

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