Compassion Daily Prayer Guide

Bless the Lord, O My Soul

Lord, I bless You with my whole heart and soul. I praise the Eternal God with my mind and my will. Every day I sing a new song from my grateful heart. I will never forget all You have done for me.

You have forgiven me of my sins despite my many offenses. Thank You, Lord. for You have healed my loved ones and me. You redeem my life from the destructive effects of this sinful world. Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from death.

Thank you for your loving kindnesses and tender mercies. I am satisfied daily by Your grace, unfailing love, and compassion.
You restore me with strength and refresh my mind. I am filled with good and beautiful things. You satisfy me as long as I live.

Thank You, Lord, for restoring justice in my life and my world. You bring righteousness each day. Thank you for making things right for those wronged, enslaved, raped, or murdered.

The Lord is Merciful, Gracious, Slow to Anger, Abounding in Mercy

Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and grace. Lord, You are patient with me. Even when I struggle against You, You lovingly stay and change me. You have made me rich in Your love.

Thank You, Lord, that I can experience true and lasting peace through Jesus Christ. Help me show great understanding with patience and mercy.

Thank You, Lord, for Your compassion. You are generous in grace and boundless in loyal love and truth. Lord, may the truth live faithfully within me. You are the basis for my abounding love. Help me speak with Your words and be filled with Your Spirit Essence.

Thank You, Lord, for filling me with joy. Happiness rises in my heart. I am filled with great delight.

The God of all Compassion

Bless the Lord – O my Soul – Made known His Ways – Abounding in Mercy – Forgiveness – Removing Sins – Knows me – Bestows Righteousness – Sovereign
by Anna K Payne

The God of all Compassion

God gives compassion to the sinners. He provides mercy and grace to all who seek it. His forgiveness is legendary.

God loves each of us and delights in us. When we follow His ways and commandments, we show our love for Him.

God loves justice and wants us to show justice and mercy to the poor, the orphans and widows, and the foreigners.

The Lord God is sovereign over all that is seen and unseen. His compassion fills the world. Through our hands, His compassion provides for those in need.

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Compassion Daily Prayer Guide
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