Compassion Goals Affirmation Journal

Compassion Goals Affirmations Journal

God is a God of compassion. We seek Him, and He fills us with His joy and peace. Join me in rejoicing in our Lord’s mercy and grace.

The Compassion Goals Affirmation Journal is part of the Topic Journal series. Each 2-page layout offers a place to journal on a Biblical affirmation and space to record your goals for the day.

Compassion Daily Prayer Guide

The Topics series are a list of topical scripture studies. Each topic consists of a Verse Calendar for 31 days, a Daily Prayer Guide, a paperback Affirmation Journal, an ebook Affirmation Journal, and a Fillable Printable PDF for use on a PDF reader.

All the Daily Prayer Guides and Verse Calendars are available in the Freebie course at AP Creations Courses.

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