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About Anna

Author, Blogger, Web Consultant

Anna is the author of Driving with Anna devotional books, Her books include Surviving Life and In Search of Me. Planted Flowers is a Christian Suspense series about how women’s lives change during a Bible study. Other books include topics on Christian living and working perspectives as well as parenting and relationships.

Anna uses experience from homeschooling her children over 6 years in her writing. She volunteered in the local high school for 10 years bringing authenticity to her parenting writings. Anna remembers the years she volunteered with her church’s 3 year old room as tiring. But they were fun. The four years in the high school ministry were exciting. She mentored girls through their high school years. She is now a proud grandmother!

Anna writes for a ten blogs centered around her motto. Each blog seeks to inspire hope, encourage, spread love, and teach listening. She is aiding her mother and other family members with indie publishing.

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