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Create an Account with Draft2DigitalI recently launched my grandmother’s book, The Lines are Fallen, and my mom’s book, Reflections on the Fruit of the Spirit. Because my mom’s book is posted on her blog over months and my grandmother’s book was printed before, neither book qualifies for KDP Select. I launched both books at 99 cents and went wide with them using Draft2Digital.

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Using Draft2Digital is Easy!

When an author goes wide, they move beyond Amazon Kindle and the CreateSpace paperback. I chose to use Draft2Digital. I’ve been using Draft2Digital for nearly a year for all my books available (not currently in KDP Select) and there are several things I like about them.


  • pays every month, even amounts less than a dollar!
  • offers to add pages to your book for you to provide feedback from your readers.
  • has easy to use formatting if you follow their instructions. They have some awesome looking formats!
  • links to easy-to-use audio setups.
  • offers Universal links for your books – give one link and the customer picks where to buy the book!
  • is literally faster to publication than Amazon!

Creating an account on Draft2Digital is simple. Their customer service is so simple, the path and steps to add a book and create an account are on one! page!

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