Create Book Descriptions

Create Book Descriptions from the Reader's ViewpointCreating a great book description is vital to grab your reader’s attention and get them to look inside your book. How do you create book descriptions that work?

Book descriptions need a hook, a short tagline to grab the reader’s attention. It can be three basic words describing the book for fiction novels or it can a couple of short sentences describing a problem the book solves.

How to Create Book Descriptions

The next part of the description will show the reader why they want to read the book. For fiction novels, it will contain a short description of the book plot. In non-fiction books, it will introduce the book concept, focusing on what the reader will receive from it. Try to use short sentences and make it about 300 words.

Bullet points are ideal for the next part. You can list benefits to the reader and show off exciting plot points for fiction. These draw a busy reader’s eyes and make it easy for them to absorb why they want to read your book.

The last section of the book names the book, the genre, and the author. It includes any authority you have as an author and makes a last pitch for the book. It ends with a call to action, such as,”Buy it now!”

At every point in the description, we want the reader to know what their return on investment is. After reading for hours, will they be entertained? Will they learn or understand a concept? Do they now have a step by step blueprint for moving forward?

Make sure they have a reason for reading your book. Think from the reader’s point of view! Use your description on your book page, your Kindle account page, and your CreateSpace account page.

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