Day 125 May 5 Daniel 6:16

Daniel 6:16-23The king caved in and ordered Daniel brought and thrown into the lions’ den. But he said to Daniel, “Your God, to whom you are so loyal, is going to get you out of this.”A stone slab was placed over the opening of the den. The king sealed the cover with his signet ring and the signet rings of all his nobles, fixing Daniel’s fate.The king then went back to his palace. He refused supper. He couldn’t sleep. He spent the night fasting.At daybreak the king got up and hurried to the lions’ den. As he approached the den, he called out anxiously, “Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve so loyally, saved you from the lions?”“O king, live forever!” said Daniel. “My God sent his angel, who closed the mouths of the lions so that they would not hurt me. I’ve been found innocent before God and also before you, O king. I’ve done nothing to harm you.”When the king heard these words, he was happy. He ordered Daniel taken up out of the den. When he was hauled up, there wasn’t a scratch on him. He had trusted his God.Is it hard to be a witness for Christ the proper way in this day in the country? What does that mean?For Daniel, it meant that he continued to live his life the way God wanted him to. He ate the food that God said was good for him. He prayed to God three times a day. He fasted when he needed answers to prayer. He served the King as well as he could. He did his best for him.There were others in the kingdom who were jealous of him because he was favored by the king. He was favored because he was honest, he trusted in his God and lived his life accordingly. He did not try to change anyone. He did not try to make others believe the way he did. His life was testimony enough.Lord, please forgive me of my sins. Forgive me for not trusting more in you. Forgive me for letting other things get in the way of what you want me to do.Help me to be a powerful witness to you by living my life in a powerful, prayerful, honest and hard-working way.Take me by the hand and lead me through this day so that I can be your witness. Give me the strength to trust in you fully. Take away my fear of what men can do to me. Guard my mouth and help me to only speak your words.

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