Day 127 May 7 Luke 1:30

Luke 1:29-30She was thoroughly shaken, wondering what was behind a greeting like that. But the angel assured her, “Mary, you have nothing to fear. God has a surprise for you:Mary was hanging out at home, doing her chores, getting ready to be married to Joseph. In walks an angel, Gabriel, and he greets her by name.This is not an experience that I can imagine. I cannot imagine an angel appearing and speaking to me by name. I would be shaken, I would be afraid. And I would not be greatly reassured if the angel then explained that what God had for me to do would not be accepted by those close to me.Mary had to trust. She had to believe. She had to trust that God would take care of her. And he did.Lord, my life is not changed as dramatically as Mary’s life was, but I still have qualms. Help me to trust you to take care of me and my family. Help me to know what it is that I should be doing. Then give me the courage to do it.I need your strength and I need your courage to move forward into your plans for me today. Forgive me of my unbelief in you and what you can accomplish through me. Forgive me for giving up so easily. Teach me to keep going.Take my hand, hold me tight and help me to move forward today.

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