Day 130 May 10 Joshua 1:6

Joshua 1:6Strength! Courage! You are going to lead this people to inherit the land that I promised to give their ancestors.Lead the people in your path. I hear God speaking to me to lead the people he puts in my path. How will I guide them? I will lead them with truth and mercy, love and patience, kindness and gentleness. I will lead them by serving them. I will lead them by accepting them as they are now. I will lead them by listening to them. I will lead them with God’s love and God’s joy.Lord, forgive me of my sins. Forgive me for thinking more of myself than of the others around me. Forgive me for blatant selfishness.Teach me, Lord, your patience and your love. Fill me with the peace I need to listen to others. Help me to really listen with my whole being so I can see what they are saying with their whole being, not just the words they say.Show me how to be a servant and spend the time with people individually. This way they know that they are important to one person. And ultimately, they know they are important to you.Help me this day be your servant.

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