Day 152 June 1 Romans 15:30

Romans 15:30-33I have one request, dear friends: Pray for me. Pray strenuously with and for me—to God the Father, through the power of our Master Jesus, through the love of the Spirit—that I will be delivered from the lions’ den of unbelievers in Judea.Pray also that my relief offering to the Jerusalem believers will be accepted in the spirit in which it is given. Then, God willing, I’ll be on my way to you with a light and eager heart, looking forward to being refreshed by your company. God’s peace be with all of you. Oh, yes!Paul was taking a gift of money to the Christians in Jerusalem. He was concerned about those in Judea he had left when he became a Christian. He was once one of them. But he met Christ Jesus and believed in the Messiah. He hurt for his fellow Jews but he now had a mission to his new brethren, all of the new believers in Christ.And he was concerned about how he would be received there in Jerusalem. So he asked for prayer.Lord, help me to reach out to my fellow believers. It is not a weakness to ask for prayer or to ask for help. Forgive me for trying to do things on my own, without help from you or from the people you would send to me to help me.Even Paul asked for prayer, even when he bore a gift from others, so it is okay for me to ask for help too.Fill me with strength and courage so that I will reach out to others. Fill me with your joy and your love today.

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