Day 31 Daniel 10:19

Daniel 10:18-19“Then this human-like figure touched me again and gave me strength. He said, ‘Don’t be afraid, friend. Peace. Everything is going to be all right. Take courage. Be strong.’“Even as he spoke, courage surged up within me. I said, ‘Go ahead, let my master speak. You’ve given me courage.’The touch of God gives me strength. Daniel had the touch of God through the angel or the son of Man. When he spoke to Daniel, Daniel received strength and courage. Then he was ready to hear what God wanted to tell him.Daniel was a great man of God. He prayed. He was diligent. And he needed strength and courage before he was ready to hear what God wanted to say. Now I don’t feel so bad that I struggle sometimes with what God is trying to say to me. I am afraid of what he will tell me to do or say. I am afraid of what direction my life will take next. I need courage and strength before I am ready to listen.Lord, pour out your love into my life. Forgive me for not trusting you to deal with me fairly. I need your strength. I need courage that can only come from you. Fill me with your peace and your joy. Let your gentleness find its way into my soul so that I can be gentle with others. Give me grace and mercy so that I can show grace and mercy to others. Thank you, Lord, for your strength. Thank you for your courage. I am ready to listen today.

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