Day 43 Feb 12 Judges 6:23

Judges 6:23But God reassured him, “Easy now. Don’t panic. You won’t die.”My daughter has for many years given me this advice, “Just breathe, Mom, just breathe.”Some days it is irritating but some days it really helps. Because I don’t always stay calm when I need to be calm. I don’t take a deep breath and take a moment.Gideon was chosen by God to save Israel. Most of Israel was not really interested in being saved. And Gideon was not completely convinced that he really heard God right. He was not sure that he was the right man for the job.So Gideon asked God to confirm that he really had chosen Gideon. And God did. He did several times. At one point Gideon believed he would die because he had seen the Angel of God. That is when God told him not to panic. He would not die.And this is good advice for me on a daily basis. I have been given a job to do. This is God’s plan for me. Some days it seems hard. Some days it seems impossible. Some days I just want to take a break and rest. But every day, God is with me. He holds me and gives me comfort. He takes my hand and shows me the path I must take. He lifts me when I fall. He gives me strength each day.Lord, forgive me for my sins. Help me not to panic today. Help me not to give up. Keep me going. Give me comfort and peace. Give me the strength that I need. You will hold my hand today and walk me through it. I will trust in you.

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