Day 52 Feb 21 2 Chronicles 12:1

2 Chronicles 12:1By the time Rehoboam had secured his kingdom and was strong again, he, and all Israel with him, had virtually abandoned God and his ways.Sometimes in the busyness of life God is forgotten. We struggle. We fight. We put one foot in front of the other. We see what has to be done and we do it. We don’t deal with issues except to set them aside to get to later. We fix up our lives, our jobs, our families and shove everything else to the back.We move into survival mode. We don’t try to pick up the clutter. We don’t try to apologize for harshly spoken words. It’s not our fault. We are busy. We are cramped. We are just trying to hold it together another day.And when things start to slow down we realize that we have virtually abandoned God and his ways.Lord, please forgive me of my sins. Forgive me for not turning to you when things get hard and I get busy. Help me to remember you even in the midst of horrible struggles or sensitive storms. Help me to be receptive to your ways and your love.Give me a serene place in the midst of life’s storms. I need to feel your presence. I need to feel your arms around me. I need to hear your voice speaking to me.Hold me in your arms and take my hand as I strike out through this day. Fill me to overflowing with your love, your peace, your joy, so I can deal with others around me as you need me to do.

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