Day 66 March 7 Matthew 10:26

Matthew 10:26-27Don’t be intimidated. Eventually everything is going to be out in the open, and everyone will know how things really are. So don’t hesitate to go public now.In a chapter filled with encouragement to his followers, Jesus outlines how to survive in a world that doesn’t like his message or his followers. These words remind us that the Christian life is not filled with sunshine, soft breezy days, and happy, gentle people.When we take a stand for right and when we follow Christ Jesus and his commands we will encounter resistance.For now, things are not clear. It is not certain what side people are on. It is hard to know what they are thinking. But Jesus encourages us to continue to proclaim his name and his gift of salvation to all who will hear.Lord, sometimes I am afraid to speak up. There are so many people running in one direction. There aren’t many who have their focus on you along with your love, your caring, gentle joy, or your compassion. They are swept along by the cares of this world or by the greediness of their hearts.Teach your people to listen to you only. Fill me with your presence so that I hear only your voice. Help me to have the strength and courage to do what you are saying. Help me to move today forward in the path you have for me.Forgive me for speaking in anger or frustration. Change my heart, O God, so that I am clean inside. Spread your light throughout my being and my mind to make me more fully yours. Show me what not to do and why it is wrong.Then wash me with your word. Fill me with your righteousness. Make me holy for you. Let me praise your name today and proclaim your greatness. Let me be light with your joy and your love.

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