Day 8 Isaiah 57:11

Isaiah 57:11-13“Who talked you into the pursuit of this nonsense, leaving me high and dry, forgetting you ever knew me?Because I don’t yell and make a scene do you think I don’t exist? I’ll go over, detail by detail, all your ‘righteous’ attempts at religion, and expose the absurdity of it all.Go ahead, cry for help to your collection of no-gods: A good wind will blow them away. They’re smoke, nothing but smoke.“But anyone who runs to me for help will inherit the land, will end up owning my holy mountain!”The cars drive by fast. The people crowd around me. I must meet my deadlines. I must pay the bills on time. I must make money. I must do my chores. I have to clean the house. I need to take care of the yard. I must visit the doctor, the dentist, the optometrist and the specialists. I must, I need, I have to. Stop!God is not such a hard taskmaster. Where is my time with him? Where are the moments when I thank him for my life, my job, and my family? How could I forget him? Even in the busiest of my moments, he is there. Even with deadlines staring me in the face and disappointment in my heart, he is there.Lord, I take this time to stop and remind myself that you love me. You care for me. You are the help that I need. You are the peace that I need to exist in this land. You fill me with your joy. You fill me with your love so that I can care for others.Forgive me for ignoring you. Forgive me for turning away from you. Come, fill my heart with your Spirit. Fill my life with your presence so that I never forget you again.

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