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Devotional Books on Prayer Top 6This year my goal is to pray more and pray more effectively. I want to be consistent and learn more about how to talk to God. My prayers need to be confident and scripturally based. And I want to grow closer to my Lord God. I’ve started a reading program so I can read my Bible every day. And I’m meditating on the scriptures I read. But I also want a little more. I want to read devotional books on prayer too.

There are several books I read last year that I want to reread. This time I want to savor them.

I loved Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. After watching the War Room movie, I read this book which delves deeper into praying specifically for your family according to scripture. I was really inspired by this book.

Play with Fire by Bianca Olthoff is an inspiring testimony of a woman bursting into her ministry and all the struggles she experienced. I love Bianca and her amazing heart for God. She is amazing to listen to in person and I felt the force of her personality in her book. She gives me hope to trust God with my story and my ministry.

Trust without Borders by Arabah Joy is an amazing collection of devotional thoughts. This book pulled me from a mire of drudgery and helped me push forward with my ministry. Her heart is for hurting women pushing to do the right thing even if they sometimes fail.

My Top Devotional Books on Prayer to Read List

  • Fervent by Priscilla Shirer
  • Play with Fire by Bianca Olthoff
  • Trust without Borders by Arabah Joy
  • Seek Him First by Jennifer Hayes Yates
  • Hearing His Voice by Meredith Swift
  • Tender Moments by Teresa E Nelson

Recently I’ve found a few other books. Seek Him First by Jennifer Hayes Yates looks like it will be a powerful book. It is on my digital shelf ready to read.

I started Hearing His Voice by Meredith Swift, but it didn’t sink in. My life became too busy and I’m just now catching up. I hope to spend hours meditating in prayer and the wonder of God through this book.

Tender Moments by Teresa E Nelson is another book on my digital shelf. I glanced through it quickly but didn’t have time to read it. This author is someone I want to spend time getting to know through her story in her book.

I enjoy reading devotionals and struggle to find the time in a busy day. But this year my goal is to read, pray, study, meditate and fill my heart, soul, and mind with God’s word.

What are you reading this year? Comment below and leave your suggestions for books to read this year!

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