Parenting Driving with Anna series

Writing devotionals in an email for a prayer team was how I got started. My mother and I began writing blog posts once a week in the early 2000s.

How I started writing devotionals

“Driving with Anna” devotionals were written when my children were preteens and teenagers. I went from being home almost non-stop as a home school mom to driving my kids to events and school most afternoons and evenings. I dreaded the beginning of school and the rigid schedule. No longer could I play movies in the evening because homework came first! Loving my children and teaching love and respect in my home became my focus.

Writing devotionals give me peace

The “Remembrance Book” was developed from the spiral book of index cards on the dashboard of my car—the help I needed from verses God gave me for times of panic or discouragement.

Devotions Surviving Work

I wrote Fitting it All In after my children were all in college. They moved out and moved in as they tried different levels of independence. Once they left high school (and before increasing amounts), I changed rules from asking permission to informing me of their plans. I expected them to make decisions for themselves as young adults, but I tried to be available as a sounding board or for advice.

Meanwhile, my father and father-in-law began to show signs of dementia, and my mother and mother-in-law became caregivers. I live far from each set of parents, and after I lost my job, I spent time flying out and supporting from a distance.

What devotionals help you?

I felt pulled from all directions, my children, parents, husband, and career. What should I do?

I wrote Be Strong and Courageous just before I began the last four years of hardship. God knew I needed to prepare with many verses concerning fear, panic, despair, and disappointment. I needed strength, courage, and hope to stay focused on the path and keep moving. Our family motto became ‘One Step at a Time.’