Different Bibles for Different Reasons

Different Bibles for Different ReasonsUsing different Bibles for different reasons makes sense when you think about it. A large concordance study Bible may not work well for reading in bed at night. A small New Testament Bible won’t give you the scriptures you need for deep study.

Different Bibles for different reasons every day

My favorite Bible for reading before bed is the NIV Bible. It is smaller size so it doesn’t hurt my wrist to hold it up to read. I’ve underlined and highlighted three different volumes.

Now that my eyes are not as strong as they used to be, I like the idea of the Large Print New Testament. The trick is finding one easy to hold and easy to read.

The Message translation is great for reading the Bible through. It provides a different more modern turn of phrase which causes me to stop and think. Sometimes I’ll look up a passage in a different translation and see how it compares. Eugene Peterson studied and taught Greek and Hebrew as well as a pastor for over 30 years.

A light New Testament Bible easy to read at night

My husband prefers more study Bible with a concordance, parallel translations, and commentary built into the pages. The best solution I found was a combination of a Kindle version of the Message Bible and a Biblegateway.com app.

Other types of Bibles I’ve used include Daily Bibles. One type allows you to read Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs to read each day. Another type is the Chronological Bible which puts all the passages in order of when they occurred in time. It is definitely a challenging way to read through the Bible.

No matter which type of Bible you have, make sure you read it. Our relationship with God centers around hearing from Him. His word in the Bible is the best way to hear from God.

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