Do you need a safer community?

Restorer of Streets Community was created for hurting Christian women. What I envisioned for the community is a safe place of rest. But do you need a safer community in this interesting time of unrest everywhere?

Restorer of Streets Community

Avoiding all politics and centering our hearts on God seem to be the only ways to build our faith. So much of the outside world produces fear, not just for ourselves and our family but also for everyone.

It can be challenging to deal with the constant pain inflicted on our earth, nation, and region. Between earthquakes, floods, droughts, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the violence of men, sometimes it feels like too much to bear.

But, God sees everything

But, God. God sees everything, and He hears everything. He pushes us to pray to Him, to tell Him our fears, disappointments, and sorrows. Because He wishes to bless the people of this world and us, He has chosen to work through the prayers of men.

And that is why the Restorer of Streets Community was born. It is a safe place to ask for prayer, where praying for one another is welcome, and where we can escape from fear to the shelter of the Lord’s wings.

The community offers places of prayer, groups of interest, similar to Facebook but not open to everyone. If you join the community, you leave politics at the door to enter a broad place of peace in God. Hope is central.

The Safer Community

Here you can learn and take courses, join groups of particular interest, find free Daily Prayer Guides, free Christian devotionals and fiction, and more. We want you to thrive and grow in Christ Jesus.

Give us a try. It’s free. You can drop out at any time. It’s a safe place. Restorer of Streets is a safer community. Let’s build up our streets to the glory of God.

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