Do you need a friend?

Do you need a friend? - Friends Driving with AnnaA short devotional book(e-book only) centered around blog entries about friends. Do you need a friend? I do, I love friends.

My best friends are my mom and my daughters. They know me and keep me accountable. They question me on my words to make sure my actions match. And they care enough about me to ask me about my walk with God.

Do you need a friend?

Do you know how to treat your friends? Learn how to gain new friends and keep old ones. The book takes less than an hour to read, but may cause you to stop and think. Are you lovable? Maybe not, but we each are unique. We have something to offer a friend.

What kind of friend have you been? Can you change or should you? What kind of friend is best? Where do you find friends? I found my best friends in my family. But I still enjoy meeting new people. Each one is unique, an individual with their own experiences and connections with God.

Learn to love your friends from a different perspective. Click here for more information.

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