Do you need more hope?

Need more hope in God?Hope is defined as the trust we have as we wait or look for something or someone. In the Bible, our hope is found in Jesus Christ who is the embodiment of our hope in God. He died for us. As He lived, He showed us how to walk in hope and trust. But we need more hope!

We live our lives surrounded by His grace and mercy. The air we breathe and the water we drink originally come from Him. How our bodies adjust to circumstances was designed by Him.

We need more hope in God!

When our hope is dimmed, we feel hopeless. Depression sets in along with its friends, despair and gloom. We are weighed down by our thoughts, duties, and responsibilities. We can have no rest until our burden is lifted.

Where do we go for relief? We go to God and His word. Join with me in a free email devotional as we journey through the scriptures and find more hope.

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