Do you pray for your business?

21 Days of Prayer for your business - pray for your businessI hadn’t really thought about whether I pray for my business. I spend time everyday asking God what to do. I’m usually asking out of desperation or I’m so overwhelmed I have no idea what is next. But do I have a plan? Do you pray for your business?

Pray for your business today!

This unique woman created a 21 Days of Prayer for your Business and I highly recommend it. She has a heavy southern accent and is very perky but don’t let that move you away from the series. She has many nuggets of tips and prayer that anyone can use in their business or place of work. (affiliate link)

Now I have a list of things I think about when I have spare time!

  • 1. Give business to God
  • 2. Find freedom from your past
  • 3. Figure out your gifts and talents – uniquely made
  • 4. Caught a vision
  • 5. Decided to be intentional – 5 sermon series
  • 6. Growing You
  • 7. Not Giving Up – another book 15 something
  • 8. Creative Problem Solving
  • 9. Embracing Excellence
  • 10. Build Community
  • 11. Strong Relationships
  • 12. Surviving Conflict
  • 13. Fight for our families
  • 14. Be Courageous
  • 15. have integrity
  • 16. Be Still – let God talk to us, rest.
  • 17. Honor the Sabbath
  • 18. Pray for others
  • 19. Be an Encourager
  • 20. Pursuit of Joy
  • 21. You’re a World Changer

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