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The Christian suspense novels contain murder, stalking, battered women shelters, homeless, and more! The Planted Flowers Bible study workbook will be available this fall, ready for you to plan your own Planted Flowers Bible study group! Read how the study changes the lives of these six women and opens their hearts to God and the love of their lives.

Learn more about the Planted Flowers series at Planted Flowers Series website.

Customer Testimony

Even with extreme pain and limited mobility, God used these books to encourage, remind, teach, give hope, and draw me closer to Him. I loved these books!

I saw parts of my life in them as well as other women, and how to deal with life problems Anna tells(teaches) in these stories. God has used Anna to spur Christians on and draw non-believers to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have written over 500 blog posts centered around inspiring hope, encouraging others, loving richly with respect, and listening well through the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ. These blog posts are spread throughout my websites and some of them have been compiled into ebooks for your convenience. You can download free ebooks for fun and contemplation.

Want to rBeginningsead devotionals? Download free ebooks here.

Beginnings is a short devotional focusing on your purpose for your life and how to find it. It talks about a theme for your year and bible verses for encouragement and strength. Every year and sometimes mid-year, I spend time in prayer searching for God’s purpose for me. This year, I’m spending the fourth of July weekend asking God what my priorities are for the rest of the year. Find your purpose!

DWA FriendsFriends leans more toward how to treat people around you. Are you a good friend? Do you want closer friendships? Sometimes friends need more than a text or Faceboook like. They need face-to-face time. A quiet friend might need space alone to think and recharge. Don’t treat everyone the same, we are different, unique, and wonderful. Check out this short devotional!

DWA DrivingDriving is my response to traffic and attitude. Relax and spend some time with God. Sing in the car. Or laugh your way through the stop lights. You’ll love this one!

Want more Christian fiction?

I have written a series of Christian fiction with hints of romance, suspense, and a bible study. Six women become a strong support network through the prayers and leadership of Daisy. Planted Flowers is a series which is hard to fit into any one genre. There is murder, mystery, drugs, famous models, battered women’s shelters, college professors, paintings, stalkers, feeding the homeless, pastors, and more!

Lily Book 1 Planted FlowersYou can meet the women in the bible study in the free book, Lily. Lily is a sweet woman who stumbles across a murder. While she is stalked by the murderer she learns about God’s love for her. She meets a man who falls in love with her. She finds friends who stand by her and treat her with respect. Read her story now!

How Planted Flowers Began and Other StoriesDo you wonder how the Planted Flowers Began? Check out this free book of short stories and fictional testimonies about Planted Flowers. Learn more about Diana, you meet her in Lily. There are stories about how a group came into being which has all flower names! The leader is Daisy, then Lily, Iris, Violet, Camellia, Jasmine, and Rose.

More on Planted Flowers!

If you want to delve further into the world of Planted Flowers, check out the compilation of all six ebooks in one! This was recently released on Amazon for $15.95. (my affiliate link)

Help me write John's StoryOr join the Planted Flowers series membership site for $5 (for one year) and read John’s story as it develops! A small group of us are reading John’s story chapter by chapter with a quiz at the end of the chapter to help choose the next scene! Every two weeks I create a new chapter and release it to the membership site! You can be a part of this!

Who is John? He’s the police detective helping solve the mysteries in each book. A tall quiet man in a suit with a notepad and pen leading a team. Detectives, laymen, and undercover cops help reveal the murderers, stalkers, and drug dealers in the books.

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