Driving: A Driving with Anna Devotional

Driving with Peace and Safety

Are you driving with peace and safety in mind? What goes through your head as you steer your vehicle through traffic?

I’ve watched drivers moan and complain about traffic lights which stop their forward progress. Even when they aren’t in a hurry, they still beat at the wheel in protest. Is there a reason for the delay?

Are you driving with peace and safety?

Possibly God is interested having a conversation with you today. Stopping at a light gives you a moment to listen to His voice. What verses have you read lately? Could you be meditating on the word of God?

Maybe you are being delayed to avoid an accident or some other danger? You might be needed to intercede for other drivers or friends while you drive. Possibly your day is crammed with items you need to let go of. God will provide clarity if you listen.

Driving is a short devotional book (e-book only) centered around driving. Most drivers need a different perspective when driving through traffic.

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