Driving with Anna Devotionals

Driving with Anna DevotionalsWelcome to the Driving with Anna devotionals!

Years ago I wrote on a blog on blogspot. I started the blog after a few years of writing emails for my prayer group. I would send the prayer requests and I add a short devotional to each weekly email. People started asking me to share the devotionals with more people. The weekly email list grew to over 50 and then to over 75 recipients.

Once I started writing on the blog and copying the devotional in the prayer email, my mom read my blog too. She was inspired by my blog and also by the Legacy Bible I bought at Mariner’s Church. It’s a bible meant to be handed down through the generations with stories of faith and love of God.

After years of blogging post after post, my children grew up and entered college. I wasn’t driving much anymore. Fans of my blog begged me to publish books from the blog and my first attempts were okay.  Eventually I had the books edited and created new covers.