Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy - Then What Can I Eat?The importance of eating healthy food becomes more apparent as I age. I now try to only eat organic meat, vegetables, and fruit. I’ve discovered regular vegetables and fruit cause reactions in my system where the organic do not.

My daughters started me on the healthy food path years ago as we discovered certain foods caused us problems. A blood test revealed several foods I’m allergic to, all of which I love. The list of foods to avoid are daunting: wheat, corn, soy, sesame seeds, walnuts, peanuts, and egg whites. I learned these foods were just what was tested for and not a complete test.

Over the process of years, I discovered almonds are okay in small quantities but no other nuts. If I use organic avocados I can eat guacamole but if they aren’t I have an episode of gastric distress. Potatoes are okay in tiny amounts, as are oats, as long as they are organic and only once a week. My way of eating changed so much, I barely recognize my meal plan.

Food Allergies or sensitivities make comfort food seem laughable

The hardest part about eating healthy and avoiding the foods I’m allergic to. Most processed foods to buy in a restaurant or grocery store contain wheat, corn, and or soy. Most rice crackers or chips contain sesame seeds and/or corn starch. Even sour cream or cottage cheese have additives like corn starch.

I’ve learned to read labels and the longer the list of ingredients, the less healthy the food is. My fight with sugar is the hardest fight I have. I love sweet things. But my daughter has invested in organic maple syrup and honey making moving away from sugar easier.

I’m hoping with this website will provide encouragement for others struggling with allergies and sensitivities making eating feel hopeless. I remember days of drudgery eating, thinking my food tasted like cardboard. Oh, did I mention I don’t really like lettuce?

Join us on our journey through recipes made for us, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, wheat free, corn free, soy free, sesame free, and nut free. Find out what we eat for comfort food!