Edit Your Story Part One

Submit Your Work - Edit your story part oneEdit your story part one begins with a light discussion on what you have written. Depending on the length of your story you can spend a few hours to months editing your story.

Want to fix your broken first draft? How to Revise Your Novel by Holly LisleFor longer novels over ten thousand words, I recommend Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel.  For a free Holly Lisle class for shorter works, please check out the 7-Day Crash Revision Intro. Check out Holly Lisle writing classes here. Learn how to edit your story from Holly!

Check These to help Edit Your Story:

  1. What was your intent for this story or article? Did you meet that goal? Where did you fail?
  2. What paragraphs did you do well in? Where did you fail to make things flow?
  3. Once you have the story line figured out from start to finish you are ready for copy editing.
    1. Check your spelling.
    2. Check your grammar and punctuation.
    3. Leave out things that don’t belong.
  4. Read your story out loud. It does help you find errors.
  5. Revise once again and share with a trusted reader or writer’s group.
  6. Revise based on any suggestions you received and you are ready to publish!

If you found Edit Your Story Part One helpful – check out part two!

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