Emily’s Snippets: Volume Two is Available

Emily's Snippets: Volume Two

Emily’s Snippets: Volume Two is available now on Amazon. A devotional was written three times a week as personal devotions posted to Emily’s website (Emily’s Snippets). Volume Two was written in 2020, the infamous year of the pandemic.

Emily’s insights and scriptures

Emily’s insights and scriptures reflect how hard the shutdown was for our elderly parents, especially those living alone or as caretakers. She writes scripture-filled devotions as encouragement and a call to rejoice in the Lord God.

Her morning routine touched many lives

Every morning, Emily would awaken and move to her computer. After turning it on, she would begin her breakfast. Then, she would hurry to the computer, send off morning emails to my brothers, check her scriptures for the day (chosen each Sunday afternoon), and begin writing. Sometimes, she would forget about her breakfast, which turned out a little browner than usual.

A great devotion might mean a charred breakfast

After hurriedly saving her breakfast, she brought her coffee and stir fry to her computer to finish up. While she ate, she edited her snippet. Then, she would post the snippet on her blog under Journal Snippets and then post the link on social media.

Emily’s snippets went around the world

Once the snippet was posted, Emily was ready to tackle the day. Breakfast and emails were done; what would she do next? It ranged from working on a book to publish, pre-work for her once-a-week blog, doctor visits, or making a grocery list, but she always had plans.

Meanwhile, comments on her snippets would pour in from the Philippines, China, the Netherlands, Canada, US coasts, and elsewhere in the states. And that’s how her words made it around the globe.

Check out Emily’s Snippets: Volume Two and start your day with God.

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