Encourage Me, O Lord

Do you wish to hear God speak to you? Is your heart crying, Encourage me, O Lord? Join the psalmist in prayer.

As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength. Psalm 138:3

I wake up in the morning, exhausted from the night. My heart cries out for relief. I can no longer rest. Encourage me, O Lord.

Encourage Me, O LordI plod through my day, handling this emergency and this crisis. I cannot feel your hand guiding me. Encourage me, O Lord.

I slump into my chair in the evening, barely able to keep my eyes open. I search for your presence but I cannot feel you. Encourage me, O Lord.

Encourage Me, O Lord

Then I stop between conversations and chores. My heart sunk in my chest. And I hear your voice. I see the glory of the sunset splashed before me. I feel hope welling up inside of me. My spirit sighs.

Remind me to stop in the morning to hear you call my name. Give me moments of silence during the day to hear your voice speaking to me. Let me see the love and care you have for me as darkness approaches. Hold me close in the night so that I can rest. Encourage me, O Lord.

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