What is my focus in life? My attitude toward everyday chores is very important. If I struggle to find meaning in them then they wear on me. They make me want to give up. I am depressed. I don’t want to keep going. But I must. And then, I begin to just survive today instead of live.When I look at God and what he has done for me and when I am thankful to him, things are different. It doesn’t seem right. And it is definitely not natural. At least to me. I don’t naturally want to thank God for every blessing that I come across. I don’t see the blue blue sky. I don’t see the wind and feel it on my face. I don’t praise him for a home where I can sleep, eat and work. I don’t see the colors or enjoy the softness of a kitten’s fur. I don’t enjoy a moment of quiet. But when I pay attention to God and what he says to me, I am thankful. And when I am thankful I see beauty everywhere. I see beauty even in the glint of that ornery cat’s eyes. I see feel joy when I get the dishes done because they are done and God was with me as I filled the dishwasher. I feel peace as I exercise because God gave me a way to get exercise and the health I need to do it. I feel gentleness toward the members of my household because God is gentle with me. What is my focus in life? It should be God. Only as I point myself toward him do I see how he does indeed take care of me. I can see it in so many small ways.Acts 20:2 Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, he gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.Lord, help me this day to find words of encouragement. Help me to speak words that lift the spirits of those around me. Help me to fill them with fresh hope. Help me to not just survive this day. Help me to live this day with joy, love, peace and hope.

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