Excited about the Hope in God Challenge!

Hope in GodJoin the Hope in God Challenge.

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Five days to more hope in God.

“I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”  Hebrew 13:5

What glimmer of hope in God will you find?

“Come to me, says Jesus, anyone who is exhausted and overwhelmed.

I can give you the rest you need.

Come close to me and let me guide your life.

Breathe deeply of my ways. I am gentle. I am loving.

Here, with me, you will find sweet peace.

Toss out men’s rules and live by my rules.

I only have two.

Feel the heaviness fall from your chest.”

Matthew 11:28-30 paraphrased

Will you feel more joy?

Will you catch yourself smiling?

“Stop. Remember, trusting is about not worrying. Don’t be worried. Don’t listen to the sick feeling in your stomach. Trust me like you trust God.” John 14:1 paraphrased

For more promises, check out Nourish My Heart, a place of hope and encouragement.

“Carefully build yourself up in faith. Pray in the Spirit. Stay in God’s love daily. Raise your arms to receive what you need from him.” Jude 20-21

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