Excited, Sick, and Distracted! Not focused!

eating like a familyI just finished writing the new Love and Respect book and the free exercise that comes with it. I’m so excited about sending the exercise to several friends to see if they can follow my instructions. I am ready for feedback!

Feedback helps!

I’d love to get started on editing my novels but I’ve been distracted by a marvelous course that helps you create copy and a marketing funnel for your book. I was halfway done when I found out Holly Lisle has a new course coming out with even more features. I immediately signed up for that class! Distractions, distractions!


In May I will publish Love and Respect and the accompanying exercise. I will then turn my attention to creating a series bible and editing my first drafts. I have 6 novelettes and 2 novels written to edit.

I’m hoping to be in a position to write again in November this year. I want to finish the Matchmaker series and move on to an exciting idea about realtors!

Pray for me

Pray for me as the year reaches mid-point. I want to finish as much as I can to give God the opportunity to bless me financially. There is so much material I have yet to publish! I just need to the time.

Prayer Requests

That I:

  • will stay focused on what is in front of me.
  • get well and stay well.
  • finish my editing classes and actually edit!
  • find an editor who in inexpensive or another writer like me who would want to share editing responsibilities.
  • choose to follow God where he leads me this year!

Thanks for praying with me. If you would like me to prayer for you click here.

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