Faith Daily Prayer Guide

God’s Faithful Protection and Loving Provision

Thank You, Lord, for your faithful protection and loving provision. Your presence and Holy Spirit pursue me everywhere and continuously. You, Lord, are jealous for me. I am zealous on your behalf, tolerating no compromise. You, the Eternal and True God, help me to treat others kindly and protect them. I am Your faithful servant, and I love You. You protect me. 

You, Lord God, cover me with protection from harm. Your faithfulness forms a shield around me. It is a rock-solid rock wall that protects me. Lord God, You protect my paths. I pursue justice and watch over the hurting. Your wisdom protects me. And faithfully takes care of me. Lord, You protect, save, rescue, and keep me close!

Lord, keep me faithful, refusing sin, lies, and tricks. I eat well every day and sleep peacefully at night. I am not afraid. Your power stands watch over me. I sing with joy to You, the True God. You are my strength and fortress. You provide for me even while I sleep. You always provide a way to escape temptation. I endure and keep moving forward.

God Watches Over my Faithful Footsteps

Thank You, Lord, for watching my footsteps. I do not win by strength alone but by Your strength. I follow in Abraham's faithful footsteps, walking in Your ways. The faithful who came before me show me where to walk in their footsteps. I am steadfast in pursuing Your promises.

Lord, thank You for The grace You have given me. I am not more important than who I am in Jesus Christ. I devote my mind to sound judgment. You gave me faith. Thank You, Lord, for what You have done for me. You watch over me daily.

Thank You, Lord, for watching over my path. I pursue justice. Your watchful eye sees my understanding and adds favor. You watch over me and care for me. I wait and watch for You, O Lord.

My faith grows as I watch God expand my mission to the limits You have set for me. When I see another snared by sin, I gently restore him. You keep me from stepping into my own snare of sin.

Thank You, Lord God, that I make my boast in Jesus Christ, my liberating King. I do not rely on what I have accomplished in the flesh. Lord, I follow Your instructions for my habits, purpose, faith, and patience. You help me endure. Your power stands watch, protecting me for salvation. I am faithful throughout my life until I die.

Faith Daily Prayer Guide

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