Faith, Poetry, Prayer, and Cats?

In this week’s update, there is an odd assortment of topics. But what is so unusual about that?

Updates on Devotionals

Faith Daily Prayer Guide

The newest Daily Prayer Guide is available. Faith Daily Prayer Guide is available on the Daily Prayer Section or free to download at any of these links.

Daily Prayer Guides are based on verses from the Bible for a particular subject. In this case, the topic is Faith.

Cover Reveal Daily Prayer Guides Volume 4
Back Blurb - Daily Prayer Guide Volume 4

Volume 4 of the Daily Prayer Guide series is available now in paperback.

Volume 4 includes the opics of gentleness, stand, peace, and rich. Stand is an odd topic, but it refers to phrases such as Stand Watch.

Updates on Poetry

Cover Revealed - Poetry ADS
Back of the book Poetry ADS

As stated, this is a reprint of the three poetry books my grandmother published in her lifetime. I’ve tried to preserve the personality of her writings. And I’ve added her drawings and pictures to the book. The hardcover makes a wonderful keepsake.

Available to order now in hardcover.

Updates on Cozy Mystery

Cover Reveal - Robbie and the Hummingbird
Back Blurb - Robbie and the Hummingbird

Robbie winds up as the central character in this book. He helps solve a dead body mystery and in involved in several ceremonies taking place in the various backyards in the neighborhood.

Paperback is available on July 18, 2024.

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