First Official Post

Of course, today, it is raining. I love driving in the rain. And I like the way my car – van, really – responds to the rain. It shows it’s whimsical fun side by having one windshield wiper slightly stripped so that it whips the radio antennae while it works. Makes a nice snapping sound. It makes things very entertaining for me, especially when other people notice. My kids aren’t too fond of it. But, today it is raining, so, I can’t fix it now.

The roads are filled with the rain water and there are lots of opportunities for flinging water on pedestrians, seeing how far from the street the water will fly and other fun ideas. Most people don’t appreciate this kind of fun, so I’m always careful not to be stopped anywhere near my “fun”. Most of the time there aren’t people walking in the rain. Something about the water.

Well, must go get Dick and Jane from the video store. I’ll post again later.

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